Started over 10 years ago, Littlewood & Associates CPAS PLLC has always known the best application of our collective resume is our professional staff in terms of our training, experience, and strongest areas of practice.

We are accounting, tax, and advisory service providers to closely held businesses ranging in annual revenue from $300,000 to more than $9,000,000 single-office and multi-office service and product providers. We are degreed, certified, and enrolled. Our experience in our various professional areas is deep and impressive.

Over the years we have advised close to 200 closely held businesses, mostly LLCs, but also S Corps, C Corps, Partnerships, and nonprofits. Filing over 600 or more federal and state business tax returns.

Over the years, we have advised close to 600 individuals in the planning and preparation of their individual income tax returns, having filed over 2,500 individual tax returns of various sorts.

From doctors to financial planners, from product manufacturers to interior design consultants, from charitable nonprofits to certification academies, our clients represent a wide scope of small businesses. Our firm demonstrates substantial ability and experience.

The WHY we Exist

Since the start-up of the firm 10 years ago, we have been in the business of advising, and providing accounting and tax support services for closely held businesses from the early start-up months to the months of managed growth, expansion, and success. We will guide and support you in making the difficult tax reporting and filing decisions required.

In addition, we have been in the business of advising individuals in the strategic planning and filing of their personal income tax returns, and when required, to represent them in favorable resolutions to their IRS and state tax office disputes.

We believe that to be effective, we must demonstrate excellent communication skills, excellent technical accounting and tax skills, and the ability to meet tax office deadlines and the work completion requirements of our clients.

Over the past 10 years, we have advised several startups from the conceptual stage to the growth and expansion stage.

We have also advised the owners of several startups from the simple draw of earnings as available then estimated tax payments, to the processing of wages for them subject to withholdings, and the implementation and funding of their retirement plans.

Our WHY we exist is to support the success of your business and to redirect your earnings from taxes to salaries and benefits, and then to savings and investments.