Business Advisory

Business Advisory Services

Since our inception, we have worked with hundreds of closely held business owners from start-ups to mature multi-office locations with a variety of product or service lines, resulting in a variety of success stories.

Should I lease that vehicle or equipment or buy it?

Should I pay that person as a contractor or as an employee?

Is it time to move to a larger location?

Is it time to elect to file my LLC business taxes as an S Corp or C Corp?

Am I pricing my product and services appropriately?

What funding and credit facilities are available to me to support the growth and further success of my business?

Yes, we can help you identify what governmental grant and loan programs you are eligible to apply to for example, the PPP, the EIDL Loan, and the ERC Payroll Tax Credit Program.

At Littlewood & Associates, we have a deep resume of providing business advisory services to many closely held businesses, from inception, to growth, to sale just like yours.